14.3.2024. FIIF Event with knowlEdge: AI for Manufacturing
Introduction to the knowlEdge project, Stefan Walter, VTT Video:
Technical overview (a.k.a knowlEdge platform architecture), Victor Anaya, ICE, Video:
Data collection through edge-fog-cloud continuum, Edoardo Pristeri, LINKS, Video:
Data modelling with human-in-the-loop, Marta Barroso, BSC, Sisay Chala, FIT, Video:
AI on Demand: Trading AI models on the knowlEdge Marketplace, Georg Schlake, FUH, Thanasis Kotsiopoulos, CERTH, Video:
AI-driven Decision Support System, Alexandros Nizami, Thanasis Kotsiopoulos, CERTH, Video:

Use cases

Parmalat pilot Video

Kautex pilot Video

Bonfiglioli pilot Video

The way forward, Stefan Walter, VTT, Video:


15.2.2024 FIIF Event: FIWARE

Introduction to FIWARE Technology and Success Stories” Francisco Melendez, FIWARE

FIWARE for SmartCity applications – yes or no?” Kari Systä, Tampere University

Results of TAMK Fiware-piloting” Kari NaakkaKatri Salminen, TAMK

Using FIWARE IoT Platform for Agricultural Robot Fleet Management” Kari Kolehmainen, VTT


30.11.2023 FIIF Event: Private Wireless Networks and Edge Computing as Enablers for Industrial Digitalization

Private wireless and edge as enablers for industrial digitalization”, Kirsi Leppä/Nokia

Research and learnings on applying 5G and edge computing for underground mining automation (NGMining project)”, Daniel Pakkala/VTT

Private network use cases with  Finnish industrial customers”, Marko Lepola/Telia

Real-time extended reality multimedia – instant immersive experiences for industries”,  Toni Kairavuo/Nokia


19.10.2023 FIIF Event (AI in Industry series): Leveraging ChatGPT and Large Language Models in Industry 

“Generative AI, Large Language Models and ChatGPT: What the Finnish industries need to do now”, Pekka Abrahamsson/Tampere University

Use of ChatGPT and Large Language Models in enterprise chatbots and virtual agents”, Maria Eilola/BoostAI

Challenging the convention with ChatGPT & Large Language Models”Tuomas Syrjänen/Futurice

”Specialised LLMs for industrial use cases”Aarne Talman, SiloGen


21.9.2023 FIIF Event (AI in Industry series): “AI and the power of simulation”

”AI and the power of simulation”, Antti Löytynoja, Mathworks

“Overview of Santtu project – simulation and AI towards autonomous heavy machinery”, Grzegorz Orzechovski, LUT

“Control oriented modeling with sub-system based learning for mobile working machines”,  Jouni Mattila, Tampereen Yliopisto

“How AI-centric Simulation Improves AI Model Performance: The AILiveSim Approach”, Ouissem Aloui, AILiveSim

“Simulation based Development”, Antti Mikkonen, Gofore


11.5.2023 FIIF Event: Industry 5.0 with Taival Advisory 

Introduction to SusTool: Corporate Sustainability reporting Tool -project” Project Manager Lisbet Frey, DIMECC

Industry 5.0Michael Hanf, Executive Partner, Taival

“Innovation through Industry 5.0 lenses” Heikki Malmlund, Key Account Executive, Industry, Gofore


13.4.2023 FIIF Event: XR in Industry 

How to reduce costs and boost productivity with XR technology”, CEO, Itzhak Pichadze,

Industrial  Metaverse”, Mika Karaila, Valmet Automation

XR Customer stories from Industrial and Medical manufacturers”, Mikko Luukkonen, Softability

Training for the Future:  Immersive AR Work Instructions”, Juha Kanto ja Marko Hannula PDSVISION


16.2.2023 FIIF-tapahtuma Tekoälyratkaisujen edistäminen yrityksissä: AI-lähettiläs

Business Value from Data” Aleksi Roima, Futurice

Building data-driven cities”, Markku Niemi, Business Tampere

Data-centric AI”, Sami Laine, Siili

Cutting Edge: Material Need Prediction with AI in Gasket Manufacturing”, Jaakko Niukkala, TT Gaskets

AI-lähettilään kokemuksia:  Case Hotelway”, Samu Raunela, Hotelway


8.12.2022 FIIF Event: IDS

”IDS – principles, applications and future perspectives”, Ilkka Niskanen, VTT

“Experiments with IDS in industrial setting”, Juha Kuusela, Vacon

“Data in extended enterprise”, Christian Sundman, Wärtsilä

Experiences and expectations about IDS in industrial environment”, Juhani Kerovuori, Konecranes


3.11.2022 FIIF Event: OPC-UA

Introduction to OPC-UA”  Jouni Aro, Prosys

Standardizing data collection in Helen energy production using OPC-UA” Veli-Pekka Salo, Wapice

OPC-UA based simulation-aided automation testing of a cruise ship LNG system” Gerardo Santillan, Semantum

OPC UA Application level security: access rights and permissions” Mika Karaila,  Valmet Automation


22.9.2022 FIIF Event: Robot Operating System

ROS as an enabler – from Finnish center of excellence to global field and service robotics markets”, Mika Vainio, GIM Robotics

Case Mitsubishi Logisnext AGVs: ROS in perception-based local navigation”, Anna-Kaisa Repo, Mitsubishi Logisnext Europe

ROS in Finnish robotics: Solteq Robotics use cases”, Timo Kupsa, Solteq Robotics

ACROBA – Conncet & produce through agile production”, Kai Salmela, Prizztech

ROS experiences in education and research” Toni Aaltonen, Satakunta University of Applied Sciences

ROS utilisation as a component in AGV applications”, Jouni Sievilä, Navitec Systems

“VAMOS ecosystem – Autonomous mobility in smart spaces”, Tomi Kankainen, DIMECC



16.6.2022 FIIF Event: Learn everything about Finland’s EDIHs!

Comments from Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, Lasse Laitinen
Comments from Technology Industries of Finland, Mervi Karikorpi (Video link)
Presentations of the Finnish EDIHs:
Finnish AI Region (FAIR), Kalle Toivonen (Video link)
HealthHub Finland, Janne Lahtiranta (Video link)
Location Innovation Hub (LIH), Antti Jakobsson (Video link)
Robocoast EDIH Consortium, Pirita Ihamäki (Video link)

Discussion (video link)

9.6.2022 CyberFactory#1 dissemination event

Developing the cybersecurity and resilience capabilities of Factories of the Future (FoF) in the CyberFactory#1 project“, Jarno Salonen, VTT

Developing and using a Digital Twin of a decentralized robot fleet”, Linda Feeken, DLR + Matthias Glawe, Airbus DE

Factory of the Future Optimization: Human and Process Perspectives“, Diogo Santos, SISTRADE

Asset tracking, traceability and predictive maintenance in Vestel’s shop floor“, Ilhan Kaya, VESTEL Electronics

Development of Cybersecure Architecture to improve Cyber Resilience“, Jari Partanen, Bittium


21.4.2022 Conversational AI

Conversational AI trends: What is next in customer service and internal support automation?
Marko Vanhatalo,

Chatbot Milo: Fortum’s most hard-working adviser”, Sanna Kulmala, Fortum

Why is the modeling of conversational language hard?”, Mikko Kurimo,  Aalto University

Forget the machine: Conversational AI is about human-2-human interaction”, Sampo Kallunki, CEO Upseller


17.2.2022 FIIF and FAME ecosystem (Finnish Additive Manufacturing Ecosystem) 3D-printing -themed event

“3D Printing of plastics and metals”, Vesa Kananen, 3DStep Oy, link to video

“Role of Design in 3D Printing”, Tero Hämeenaho, Etteplan Oy, link to video

“How to Get Started in 3D Printing”, Niklas Kretzschmar, SelectAM, link to video

“Latest Trends in 3D Printing”, Johannes Karjalainen AMEXCI Oy, link to video

“Introduction of FAME ecosystem”, Rauno Hatakka, DIMECC Oy, link to video


27.1.2022 FIIF and AISA event 

Introduction to AISA joint project, Arto Peltomaa, DIMECC Oy

AI for situational awareness”, Emre Aksu, Nokia Technologies

AI and Digital Twin architectures for Industry”, Mika Karaila, Valmet Automation

Dust free and digital future of surface finishing”, Veli-Pekka Västi, Mirka

Maturity model to provide better insight on AI needs”, Juha Latvala, Insta Advance

Decision automation and AI-based supervision”, Kai Lehtinen, Top Data Science

Ficolo – most sustainable Clouds & Colocation for AI”, Vesa Lahti, Ficolo

Video coding and edge computing”, Prof. Pekka Jääskeläinen and prof. Jarno Vanne, Tampere University

Edge computing software stack for reliable artificial intelligence roaming” Prof. Pekka Jääskeläinen and prof. Jarno Vanne, Tampere University


11.11.2021 FIIF event on “The FIIF Event Extended Reality (AR/VR/MR/XR) in Industry”

The underlying reality of industrial X realities”, Kari Peltola, Wakeone

Industrial XR solutions”, Jaakko Mattila, Elomatic

Industrial work instructions revolutionized”, Pontus Blomberg, PDSVision

Why does your company need an XR strategy?”, Mikko Alanko, Stereoscape

IglooVision’s virtual cylinder and Sensoryx’s digital gloves”, Mika Nikander, TAMK


26.10.2021 FIIF event on “Edge AI in Industry”

Silo AI – Optimizing AI for Edge”, Kai Knuutila, SiloAI

Nokia-NDAC”, Juhani Ahonen, Nokia

CrossControl ADACORSA – Pilot case for drones, forestry and AI powered analysis at the edge”, Marko Elo, CrossControl

Shaping next generation cloud supply for Europe”, Timo Haapavuori, Magic Cloud

VTT EdgeAI_in_Cyber-Physical_Digital_Services_Provisioning”, Daniel Pakkala, VTT


10.6.2021 FIIF event on “Cyber Security in Industrial IoT”

Management of cyber security”, Aapo Cederberg, Cyberwatch Finland

OT Security”,Franco Monti, MSF Partners

Post-COVID hybrid model of working”, Arto Räty, Covid Digital Game Changers Task Force/EK

TamaGo, Open Source framework for secure firmware development”, Andrea Barisani, F-Secure


20.5.2021 FIIF event on “Intelligent Industry ecosystem and FIIF”

5G – one of the enablers of Industry 4.0“, Juhani Kerovuori, Konecranes Oyj

Digitalization of the industrial mid cap company HT Laser Oy, Nea Kontoniemi, Communications Director, HT Laser Oy


29.4.2021 FIIF event on “Cloud-Native Development for IoT” 

Edge IoT with AWS and Yocto Linux”, Kenneth Falck, Nordcloud

Edge computing – from the field to cloud”, Roope Suorsa, Siemens

ArcGIS Velocity – IoT and big data analytics with SaaS business model”, Ilkka Suojanen, ESRI

Next Generation Cloud Supply for Europe”, Karol Warnicki, Magic Cloud


31.3.2021 FIIF event on “Industrial applications of drones”

Drones, a step towards more automated AEC industry – with TAMK as a multidisciplinary partner”, Kalle Tammi, Tampere Universities

Current drone regulation for industrial operators“, Esa Stenberg, Traficom

Take control of your worksite data”, Lauri Hartikainen, Pointscene Oy

How to apply fixed wing VTOL drone for large area monitoring”, Markus Hohenthal, Lentola Logistics Oy


18.2.2021 FIIF event on ”Private 5G Networks”

Private 5G in Terminals”, Pekka Yli-Paunu, Kalmar

5G Test Network Finland – infrastructure and ecosystem for 5G evolution technology and application development” Kyösti Rautiola, VTT

Lessons learned in 5G-VIIMA research project” Marja Matinmikko-Blue, University of Oulu


10.11.2020 FIIF presentations in Industrial Data Sharing Day

Factory AR solution Augumenta Oy
What is KOTEL KOTEL r.y.
Organisational transformation Melkki Oy
Data ecosystem Taival Advisory Oy
5G test network as a service VTT Oy

6.10.2020 FIIF Online data summit for built environment

Taloautomaatiolla toteutettu algoritmipohjainen kysyntäjouston ja virtuaalivoimalaitoksen esittely, Timo Silver, Integrio Oy

Miten 9000 asunnon kokonaisuus on hallittavissa keskusvalvomon kautta? Jyrki Läärä, VTS-Kodit

Wapice WAISTO – älykkään kiinteistönhallinan uusi aikakausi Panu Aho, Wapice


14.5.2020 FIIF webinar with KOTEL “Reliability & testing”

Introduction to KOTEL

Remote Monitoring as a tool for Product Reliability problem solving (use case)”, Pasi Välimäki, Danfoss Drive
Sensing as service (SnaaS)”, Jari Jolkkonen, Nokia Enterprise
“5G project study”, Marjo Heikkilä, Centria

7.5.2020 FIIF webinar “Digital Twins in Industry”

“Digital twins – information integration”, Valmet Automation Oy, Mika Karaila
“Digital Twin software infrastructure – practical approach”, Wapice Oy, Panu Aho
Visual digital twin”, WakeOne Oy, Kari Peltola
Tools of modern assembly and maintenance work: AR/VR and Remote Support”, Softability Oy, Mikko Luukkonen


6.5.2020 FIIF Flash Event – Melkki

Increasing efficiency in the Digital Operating Model


29.4.2020 FIIF Flash Event – Top Data Science

Hands-on Experiences in Building AI Solutions for Industrial Use


10.3.2020 FIIF event at TAMK’s IoT seminar

“Securing confidental information by using identity access management, case Metso”, Metso Oyj, Kari Nousiainen & Laura Karintaus

“Cyber security as part of a change in port automation”, Kalmar Global, Pekka Yli-Paunu

“Digital Trust”, Business Finland, Kirsi Kokko


13.2.2019 FIIF event on “Bit by bit – Improving competitiveness through industrial process optimization” (for Business Management)

“Boost productivity and increase reliability – use cases from real life with IBM”, IBM Suomi, Heli Laitila

The reality of AI and data analytics in manufacturing industry”, Houston Analytics Antti Merilehto

How data analytics and continuous process improvement improve performance in manufacturing industry”, Quva Oy Olli Pasanen,

“Process optimization – practical examples” –   IBM Suomi


28.11.2019 FIIF event on AI/ML – Predictive Maintenance 

End-to-end Algorithm Development for Predictive Maintenance, Mathworks Finland, Antti Löytynoja

Predictive Maintenance on Cross Industry Collaboration Network, Combient Oy, Anssi Collin

Combining Edge Computing and AI – for Industrial Maintenance, Distence Oy, Janne-Pekka Karttunen

Regatta Predictive Maintenance, Remion Oy, Miika Valtonen

Wireless Condition Monitoring for Massive Scale, Treon Oy, Joni Korppi

Effortless Data Analytics at the Edge, LempeaEdge Oy, Jarne Atsar

Future Trends in Predictive Maintenenace, Steamlane Oy, Hannu Pahkala

OPENS – Analytics of Industrial Systems, Tampere University, Krishna Mishra


24.10.2019 FIIF event w/ Combient on Data Business Models

Opening, DIMECC Oy Risto Lehtinen & Taival Advisory Oy Michael Hanf

Combient and Combient MIX, Combient Oy, Ilkka Lakaniemi

InDEx (Industrial Data Excellence) Research Program, DIMECC Oy, Seppo Tikkanen

5 steps to using data strategically, Taival Advisory Oy, Reko Lehti

Value Creation in the Fair Data Economy, SITRA, Markus Kalliola

Evolution of business models in the era of Industrial Internet, Tampere University, Karan Menon


12.9.2019 FIIF focused partner event: Energy solutions for the block level – Opportunities in Smart City business environment


Welcome  – Event host Sami Kazi, Research Team Leader, VTT

Case examples from Finland and Norway:
MAKING-CITY project – Samuli Rinne, Project Manager, City of Oulu
Energy Wise Cities project: How an urban district can act as a carbon sink? – Tuomas Vanhanen, Project Manager, City of Tampere
Smart Otaniemi – Ismo Heimonen, Senior Scientist, VTT
+CityxChange – innovation and integrated measures for positive energy districts – Dr. Bjørn Ove Berthelsen, Project Leader, City of Trondheim and Dr. Dirk Ahlers, Project Manager, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Views from enablers:
Business Finland – Pia Salokoski, Chief Funding Adviser, Business Finland
KIRAHub – Sami Lankiniemi, Head of Partnerships, KIRAHub
It is all possible with intercompatible data – Pirkko Laitinen, Chief Marketing Officer, Platform of Trust
Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI) – Experiences from a Cold Climate Country – Eerika Janhunen, Doctoral Candidate, Aalto University

Business cases:
Finnish Industrial Internet Forum – Arto Peltomaa, Program Manager, DIMECC
Energy Efficiency and Partnership – Erika Salmenvaara, Head of Energy Efficiency Services, Helen
Siemens TEM-Ministry energy spearhead project – Virtual Buildings Ecosystem Oy – Veikka Pirhonen, CEO, VIBECO
City wide deployment for coming winter – Ossi Porri, Business Development Director, Leanheat


4.6.2019 FIIF event on The New Human Factor – AI Meets Employee and Customer Experience

Andreas Markewärn from Digitalist Group, Mikko Dufva from Sitra and Kazuo Yano from Hitachi in a panel discussion at FIIF Event.

How AI is Making Workers Happier, Fellow, Corporate Officer and Corporate Chief Scientist, Hitachi Ltd, Japan, Dr. Kazuo Yano

Know me, Coach me, Predict me – how to stay relevant in the age of digital, Digitalist Group, Andreas Markewärn

Three ways to approach futures of work in the age of AI, Sitra, Mikko Dufva


25.4.2019 FIIF event on New Business Models

One stop IIoT solution, case Yepzon, Love Corporation Oy, Jyri Vilamo

Case studies from an IoT operator, DNA Oy, Pasi Paju

Digital DNA enabled innovations & growth, Deloitte Oy, Mika Järvensivu

Business Model Innovation, Taival Advisory Oy, Michael Hanf


21.3.2019 FIIF event on Sensing and Data Collection

FIIF Manager Lehtinen

Sensors: What’s hot and what’s not – view to practical implementations, IoT Forge Foundation, Matti Hellgren

Machine vision in IoT, SICK Oy, Sami Lehtonen

Material scanning using next generation near-infrared (NIR) sensors, Spectral Engines Oy, Uula Kantojärvi

Case: “Smart, connected industrial solutions based on sensor analytics for optimization and for detecting anomalies”, ToIP Oy, Jukka Märijärvi


14.2.2018 FIIF event on Digital Trust and Security 

FIIF Manager Lehtinen

Cyber resilient operations in healthcare: Keeping the clinic running under cyber attack, Bittium Oyj, Juha Eskelin

Digital TrustBusiness Finland, Kirsi Kokko

Building digital competences in national and regional clusters VTT Oy, Jarno Salonen

Medical device regulation supports cyber resilience of the smart hospital, SoteDigi Oy, Jenni Siermala


31.1.2019 FIIF focused partner event with 6aika on “Smart Building and Cities” 

Smart Building kehitystrendit, RIL Miimu Airaksinen

VTS pilottikohteen esittely, VTS Kiinteistöpalvelut Oy Petri Mäkelä

Fidelix Oy, Antti Koskinen

IISY Oy, Jan-Kristian Westerlund

Schneider Electric, Mika Nurminen

Enermix, Janne Heinonen


22.11.2018 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

FIIF Manager Lehtinen

AI market overview, Google Finland Mäkinen

AI/ML case studies, IBM Finland Rastas

Building AI systems we can trust, Silo AI Gulbenkoglu


18.10.2018 IoT SW Platforms

FIIF Manager Lehtinen

Opening, DIMECC Oy Kulmala

Regatta analytics Remion Oy Valtonen

IoT-TICKET for rapid IoT application delivery Wapice Oy Keskinen

MindSphere – Open IoT operating system for critical infrastructure Siemens Oy Veijola

MindSphere – Whitepaper (additional material)

Public cloud based IoT-strategy – case HSY Cybercom Oy Pajunen


20.9.2018 New trends in connectivity – how narrow band IoT and 5G will change the industry landscape

FIIF Manager Lehtinen

NB-IoT competitive situation_RD_Velho Lyijynen

5G for Industrial IoT_Nokia_Kettunen

NB-IoT use cases_Telia_Lepola

Speed up your NB-IoT innovation_IoT Forge Foundation Hellgren