The latest industrial solutions of AI-assisted situational awareness

Nokia Technologies and DIMECC are leading a 3-year research project AISA to accelerate the adoption of AI and high-speed wireless communication (5G) by Finnish industry.  In the FIIF seminar 27 of January visions and early progress of AISA project were presented by the industry and academic partners.

AISA project focuses on taking AI-assisted situational awareness to the top of the industrial world.  The core partners of the AISA project are Nokia Technologies, Valmet Automation, Mirka, Insta Advance, Top Data Science, Ficolo and the Tampere University.

Among others the professors Pekka Jääskeläinen and Jarno Vanne from Tampere University presented some early results from the AISA program. Their research on video coding concentrates for example on finding solutions to separate low and high-quality parts of the video for saving data space, and on tagging the most important object and its status on the video.

In the event, the audience raised a question, whether applications drive research or vice versa. It turned out to be a chicken or an egg causality dilemma. The target is to develop solutions that could be used in applications, but on the other hand, with the innovation of new solutions, people can start thinking of applications they could have not even dreamed about before.

Event program:

Introduction to AISA joint project, Arto Peltomaa, DIMECC Oy

”AI for situational awareness”, Emre Aksu, Nokia Technologies

“AI and Digital Twin architectures for Industry”, Mika Karaila, Valmet Automation

“Dust free and digital future of surface finishing”, Veli-Pekka Västi, Mirka

“Maturity model to provide better insight on AI needs”, Juha Latvala, Insta Advance

“Decision automation and AI-based supervision”, Kai Lehtinen, Top Data Science

“Ficolo – most sustainable Clouds & Colocation for AI”, Vesa Lahti, Ficolo


The event material will be available for FIIF members through the partner registration soon.