FIIF’s organization and operating model are based on lean operations. FIIF partner community defines the thematic focus areas and focus sectors of FIIF activities. This is done through annual partner survey.

The FIIF Advisory Board consists of selected representatives from FIIF partners and other subject-area experts. The Board guides and steers FIIF’s activities.  One of its key responsibilities is to drive and support the definition of thematic focus areas based on the partner survey.

FIIF Manager is responsible for execution and implementation of FIIF activities. FIIF Manager is also responsible for FIIF’s external visibility and attends selected events to market and communicate the FIIF network and its activities. FIIF Manager also acts as a contact point for members and in networking activities with other organizations.

FIIF Expert Working Groups coordinate, together with FIIF Manager, concrete initiatives and co-creation actions, such as demonstrations and R&D&I projects initiated by the FIIF community, to accelerate digital transformation. Expert Working Groups comprise of FIIF partner company representatives. Expert Working Groups focus on selected thematic areas.

FIIF Management model