ROS: From hospital robots to guide dogs

CMO Mika Vainio from GIM Robotics.

The Robot Operating System (ROS) is a set of open-source software libraries for building robotic and AGV applications. ROS offers to developers across industries a standard software platform that will carry them from research and prototyping all the way through to deployment and production. FIIF ROS Event brought on stage companies using ROS in their top-notch products from hospital robots to guide dogs: Mika Vainio, GIM Robotics, Anna-Kaisa Repo, Mitsubishi Logisnext Europe, Timo Kupsa, Solteq Robotics and Jouni Sievilä, Navitec Systems. The event also gave and overview of how ROS education is organized in SAMK (Toni Aaltonen, SAMK) and how ROS is connected to projects like ACROBA (Kai Salmela, Prizztech) and ecosystems like VAMOS ecosystem – Autonomous mobility in smart spaces (Tomi Kankainen, DIMECC). The presenters gave their views on ROS1 and ROS2. Some worked solely on ROS2, others felt that is still missing a great deal and were hoping it would be getting mature faster.

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