AI in Industry: Machine Vision (Thursday March 16th, Helsinki and online)

The FIIF Event AI in Industry: Machine Vision takes place Thursday March 16th, Helsinki (Eteläranta 10, Neuvottelukeskus E16) and online 9.00-12.30.

Industrial machine vision solutions have evolved rapidly in recent years.  There are several developing trends that are shaping the technology and its applications.  Artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms are increasingly being integrated into solutions to improve accuracy, reduce errors and enable real-time decision making.  This trend is making it possible for machine vision systems to better adapt to changing conditions and environments.

Another trend is 3D imaging.  While 2D imaging has been the standard for many years, 3D imaging is rapidly gaining ground.  3D imaging allows for more detailed and precise measurements, opening new interesting application areas.

This seminar gives information on both current machine vision applications and development trends.  The seminar is organized in co-operation with Suomen Automaatioseura.


Artificial intelligence for ports and terminals”, Heikki Huttunen, Visy

“Utilizing Computer Vision in Factory Automation and Manufacturing Quality Assurance”, Kai Lehtinen, Top Data Science

“Modern 3D quality control”, Miikka Himanka, Silo AI

”Experiences on Industrial Vision Systems Using Commercial 3rd Party AI Tools” , Pauli Komi, Roima Intelligence

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