Where ChatGPT and Large Language Models are Now and Where They’re Going?

The FIIF Event (AI in Industry Series) titled “Leveraging ChatGPT and Large Language Models in Industry” delved into the current status and future prospects of ChatGPT and Large Language Models. The prevailing expectation is that, as industries are making substantial investments in the development of solutions, their success will persist. Language models are on the brink of being integrated into mobile devices, and there’s particular interest surrounding GPT 5, currently in training and scheduled for launch next year.

During the event, the co-founder and Chief AI Officer, Tuomas Syrjänen, conducted online demonstrations of data analysis using various datasets, with ChatGPT providing invaluable assistance. This demonstrates the potential for ChatGPT to predict changes within industries and how company data can transform organizations to operate based on real-time analysis. His visionary outlook suggests that this transformation might even lead to ChatGPT taking proactive actions based on the analysis.


“Generative AI, Large Language Models and ChatGPT: What the Finnish industries need to do now”, Pekka Abrahamsson/Tampere University

“Use of ChatGPT and Large Language Models in enterprise chatbots and virtual agents”, Maria Eilola/BoostAI

“Challenging the convention with ChatGPT & Large Language Models”, Tuomas Syrjänen/Futurice

”Specialised LLMs for industrial use cases”, Aarne Talman, SiloGen

The materials will be available through partner section.