Lower cost and better properties with 3D printing

How about producing your parts with 40% lower costs, so that they would be 50% lighter, with better visual appearance and better properties of for example airflow?

The facts of robotic grinder components case example presented by Vesa Kananen, CTO of 3D Step proved the FIIF event audience of the possibilities of 3D printing. The robotic grinder case parts were made of aluminum, and they were serial production parts.

In the FIIF Event on industrial 3D printing organized with Finnish Additive Manufacturing Ecosystem FAME it became evident, that additive manufacturing market increases at enormous speed, and there is no end to it.

“It will cannibalize the current methods”, said Tero Hämeenaho from Etteplan, who is also the Chairman of FAME Ecosystem. The overtake of 3D printing will happen with the development of bigger and faster 3D printing machines.

Johannes Karjalainen from AMEXCI Oy told the latest trends in 3D printing. The companies are now moving from prototypes to production. There are many enabling factors, such as maturity of technology, better machines with more lasers, better processes, the cost of the raw material and automation.

Niklas Kretzschmar from SelectAM explained how to get started in 3D printing and decide which parts to print.

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