Latest Developments of AI for Manufacturing with Pilot Cases from European Industry

FIIF Event with knowlEdge: AI for Manufacturing brought on real stage and online the knowlEdge EU Project, which will complete its operations at the end of March 2024.

Exploring the transformative impact of AI in manufacturing, we delved into innovative solutions to enhance product quality and sustainability. From optimizing production stages to secure data management, the project’s framework sets a new standard for collaboration and efficiency.

The project has validated its results with three use cases, addressing different sectors of the manufacturing industry. 1) Parmalat: Process optimisation using digital twin (milk and dairy products), 2) Bonfiglioli: Zero-defect manufacturing (planetary gearboxes), 3) Kautex: Anomaly detection (plastic parts to automotive OEMs)
Find more about the Kautex pilot in the video: