Industrial Metaverse from Strategies to Applications

Metaverse technologies enhance various aspects of manufacturing, from process improvement to product quality enhancement. Notable applications include design and prototyping, training and skills development, maintenance and repair, quality control, factory planning, remote collaboration, and safety training.

During the FIIF event, the potential of the Industrial Metaverse across various industry applications was thoroughly explored. Presentations covered the subject from strategic considerations to practical implementations. Sanni Siltanen introduced Business Finland’s mission Immersive Digital Life, the focus areas of which are enabling technologies and architectures, human-centric experience, industry-specific solutions and business models.

Miikka Pönniö from Siemens showcased in his presentation, “Industrial Metaverse Technologies in Improving Design and Prototyping in Sustainable Manufacturing,” a video demonstrating how factory experiments can be conducted in a virtual environment. This allows, for instance, virtual experimentation on how a change in the position of a sensor would impact the production environment.

With a plethora of examples, including ongoing projects like Necoverse, and insights into upcoming developments, the event was a resounding success, attracting a diverse audience both in-person and online.


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