IDS (International Data Spaces) in Finnish Industry

IDS (International Data Spaces) is a European data space initiative that aims at realizing the vision of future data economy and creating a global standard for data exchange across organizations and sectors.

Software Adviser Juha Kuusela from Danfoss Drives opened the FIIF IDS event with his presentation “Experiments with IDS in industrial setting”.

IDS is relevant for drives, because they are programmable intelligent sensors that can correlate internal sensor input with external signals and commands. IDS is suitable for communication out of the secure network and can provide different views to different users, offering improved logistics, offline analysis, and system optimization. On the other hand, connecting drives directly is problematic for various reasons, for example IDS is not intended for frequent communication of raw data.

The other presenters of the event were “Data in extended enterprise”, Christian Sundman, Wärtsilä, ”IDS – principles, applications and future perspectives”, Ilkka Niskanen, VTT and “Experiences and expectations about IDS in industrial environment”, Juhani Kerovuori, Konecranes.

The presentations will be available through partner log in soon.