FIWARE – A Curated Framework of Open Source Software Platform Components

FIWARE Technology is a curated framework of open source software platform components that can be assembled together with other third-party components to build platforms supporting the development of Smart Solutions faster, easier, and cheaper across multiple sectors. FIWARE’s modular and flexible architecture makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, especially those where interoperability and the integration of data from diverse sources are critical. The FIIF seminar focused on FIWARE usage and opportunities, particularly in Smart City applications. Francisco Melendez, Technical Expert of FIWARE, provided an introduction to FIWARE Technologies, its major building blocks, open standard API, smart data models, and software enablers. The program then delved into Smart City applications and the reasons for using FIWARE. The presentations will be available through the FIIF partner section.


“Introduction to FIWARE Technology and Success Stories” Francisco Melendez, FIWARE
“FIWARE for SmartCity applications – yes or no?” Kari Systä, Tampere University
”Results of TAMK Fiware-piloting” Kari NaakkaKatri Salminen, TAMK
”Using FIWARE IoT Platform for Agricultural Robot Fleet Management” Kari Kolehmainen, VTT