Cyber security becoming the first priority in companies

After the companies have tackled the challenges of covid-19, cyber security becomes the first priority. This is how Aapo Cederberg from Cyberwatch Finland described the situation in his presentation at the “Cyber Security in Industrial IoT” FIIF event. One of the most relevant issues is, how to build cyber security leadership and management system at company and government level.

In Cyber security leadership and management, it is important to take care of 8 points: 1) Comprehensive and reliable Cyber security awareness, 2) Adequate capacity for Cyber risk assessment and management, 3) Agile Cyber preparedness and continuity plan, 4) Well-trained Cyber crisis management competence, 5) Superiority Cyber competence at the human sector, 6) Smart choices in Cyber technologies 7) Adequate Cyber budget 8) Agile and comprehensive Cyber culture.

Cederberg also explained, how biggest cyber security player countries like the United States, United Kingdom, China, Korea, and Russia see cyber security issues. Some are on the offensive and some defensive, and it is evindent that some see the value of cyber security as warfare and governments support the use of these new weapons with “nuclear weapon capability”.

Other presentations of the FIIF event included “Cyber risk analysis”, Jyrki Paananen, 4Ks, “OT Security”, Franco Monti, MSF Partners, “Post-COVID hybrid model of working”, Arto Räty, Covid Digital Game Changers Task Force/E and ”TamaGo, Open Source framework for secure firmware development”, Andrea Barisani, F-Secure.