Finnish-German Industry Day on Autonomous Systems, June 14-15th, 2018, Paderborn, Germany

it’s OWL and DIMECC are organizing a Finnish-German Industry Day on Autonomous Systems on June 14th, 2018. The theme is topical as increasing demand for productivity, safety and quality is setting increasing requirements for operators driving the market potential for autonomous systems. This requires leaps in many technology areas. Moreover, autonomous systems will impact industry applications and related processes and also have a lasting effect on the society in which they are used.

What’s in it for you?

This event brings together it’s OWL, DIMECC and respective partners to discuss relevant topics on autonomous systems, such as human-machine interaction, communication, safety and cyber security, and advanced machine features (e.g. context awareness, positioning, AR/VR). The aim of the event is to develop concrete cooperation models. The event addresses challenges, cases and future opportunities presented by established companies and new innovative solutions and case examples presented by start-ups and scale-ups.  The event will:

Initial agenda

Thursday, June 14th

07:00 Travelling to Paderborn, Germany

12:00 Welcome to it’s OWL

12:30 Introduction of participating companies

13:30 Introduction to the themes (by one Finnish + one German Industry Representative

14:30 Case example presentations by participants

16:30 Meeting between Finnish & German Companies

18:00 Summary of Solutions, Cooperation Models and Wrap-Up

18:30 End of the event

20:00 Joint Dinner

Friday June 15th

9:00 Company visit: CLAAS Greenhouse

11:30 Working lunch

12:00 Heading back to Finland

How to join the event?

We would be very glad to welcome you at the Finnish-German Industry Day. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions regarding the event.

Sign-up to the Industry Day until May 15th by sending email to