FIIF Event on “Industrial Metaverse” (Thursday, April 11, Helsinki and online)

Metaverse technologies, including Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), present significant opportunities for the manufacturing industry. These innovative technologies enhance various aspects of manufacturing, from process improvement to product quality enhancement. Notable applications include design and prototyping, training and skills development, maintenance and repair, quality control, factory planning, remote collaboration, and safety training.

At this FIIF event, we will explore the potential of the Industrial Metaverse across various industry applications. The presentations will cover perspectives from technology providers and research organizations, highlighting diverse opportunities in the field.

The event is April 11th, 9:00-12:30 in Helsinki (Meeting Park KAMPPI, Class L, Salomonkatu 5) and online (Teams).


“Industrial Metaverse technologies in improving design and prototyping in sustainable manufacturing”, Miikka Pönniö, Siemens

”Human driven industrial Metaverse”, Markku Kivinen, VTT

“Industrial Metaverse in shipbuilding – remote inspections”, Seppo Tikkanen, Dimecc, Tuomas Suominen, KIWA, Chao Yang, Aalto University

“IoT data fabric for Industrial Metaverse”, Abhishek Kumar, Oulun yliopisto

“Immersive Digital Life Mission”, Sanni Siltanen, Business Finland

“Metaverse Finland ecosystem”, Arto Peltomaa, DIMECC

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