FIIF event on “AI/ML – Predictive maintenance” (Nov 28, 2019, Tampere, Finland )

FIIF event on “AI/ML – Predictive maintenance” on November 28, 2019 is organized at 9.00-12.00 in Tampere. The location is Kampusklubi, Kampusareena (Korkeakoulunkatu 7, Tampere).

Register for the event here.



“End-to-end Algorithm Development for Predictive Maintenance” Antti Löytynoja, Mathworks Finland

“Predictive Maintenance on Cross Industry Collaboration Network” Anssi Collin, Combient Oy

“Combining Edge Computing and AI – for Industrial Maintenance” Janne-Pekka Karttunen, Distence Oy

“Regatta Predictive Maintenance” Miika Valtonen, Remion Oy

“Wireless Condition Monitoring for Massive Scale” Joni Korppi, Treon Oy

“Effortless Data Analytics at the Edge” Jarne Atsar, LempeaEdge Oy

“Future Trends in Predictive Maintenenace” Hannu Pahkala, Steamlane Oy

“OPENS – Analytics of Industrial Systems” Krishna Mishra, Tampere University