FIIF Event: II Webinar Series on “GAIA-X Industry Data WG” (September 16th, 2021, online)

Intelligent Industry Webinar Series on “GAIA-X Industry Data WG” September 16th at 9-12.30

”Utilisation of industry data is advancing in Finland and the GAIA-X Industry Data WG is an optimal forum to align the Finnish efforts with the European and global activities. In this WG, the Finnish stakeholders are actively seeking joint opportunities for data-enabled internal and external business opportunities. This work is done in close co-operation with other national industrial data communities with joint events for maximum impact.

The Industry Data WG participants will also co-operate in their participation in the European and national forums such as the Internal Data Spaces Association and other industry-led initiatives for best practices in data governance, management and business model development.”



9:00     Opening, Risto Lehtinen, FIIF Manager

GAIA-X Finland Hub, Kristo Lehtonen, SITRA

GAIA-X Ecosystem, Mikko Sierla, Vastuu Group

Sustainability, Marika Määttä, Combient PURE

Industrial data sharing/circular economy, TBD

Discussion and Q&A

12:30   Closing


The event is held online. This FIIF event is organized with Gaia-X Finland hub operator Sitra and it is open for all interested. Register to the event