Edge AI in Industry – (October 26th) online and Tampere

Edge AI in Industry – Hybrid event

Industry gathers data from machinery and other equipment at an unprecedented accuracy in near real-time. Edge computing means that data is analyzed and processed close to the device or sensors collecting the data. This decreases the amount of data transfer needed, which saves time and money.
When edge computing is combined with new technologies such as machine learning, computer vision and 5G, it is possible to reach unprecedented accuracy in situational awareness and predictability.

FIIF event, Edge AI in Industry, Tuesday 26th of October 9-12.30
Hybrid event Face-to-Face Tampere, Platform6 (Åkerlundinkatu 8, rautatieaseman lähellä, Tullintorin kupeessa) & Teams


“Optimizing AI for Edge” Kai Knuutila, SiloAI
“Nokia Digital Automation Cloud” Juhani Ahonen, Nokia
“Adacorsa: Pilot case for drones, forestry and AI powered analysis at the edge” Marko Elo, CrossControl
“Shaping next generation cloud supply for Europe” Timo Haapavuori, Magic Cloud
“Edge AI in Cyber-Physical Digital Services Provisioning” Daniel Pakkala, VTT


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