Finnish Industrial Internet Forum – FIIF

“Growth paths for Finnish companies”

Finnish Industrial Internet Forum is a company driven activity that catalyzes starting, testing, planning, breeding or failing fast activities, which concretize the Industrial Internet visions into a good, sustainable business for Finnish companies.

FIIF operations are built around value networks, which are based on a market and customer need. These cover work machine, vehicle, engine, electronics, health and well-being and energy systems value networks. The value networks form and sharpen based on key companies’ activity.

Ultimate objectives of Finnish Industrial Internet Forum:

Speed-up new businesses enabled by the Industrial Internet

New business and growth for existing companies and their value chains

New seeds for SME growth through new products, services and markets

New markets for product, service and ICT companies – for all companies in industry turmoil

  Boost start-up companies to grasp new opportunities in services or in enabling technologies

  Link company needs and training and education to ensure flow of skilled people
  • Principles of working:

It is an open forum type of activity that connects activities and interest groups

It is a company centric activity driven by customer needs of the participating companies

It involves a critical mass of actors over domains (companies from different business domains, interest groups and coordinators, research organisations and universities, funding bodies)

It integrates company practices (business and technology) and research results to industry-need- driven Forum activities that may lead to deeper collaboration between any of the Forum member parties


Next Jam Session 7.6.2016


FIIF Newsletter 1/2016



FIIF Newsletter 1/2016